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CornerMax™ Pad

Exposure of a sling to load edges or corners requires a wear pad that is not susceptible to cutting because of toughness or zero contact. As shown in the photo below, the CornerMax™ Pad forms a tunnel between the load edge and the pad. This geometric separation is essential in protecting the pad itself from contacting the load edge, which provides maximum protection to the sling.      
US Patent #7,744,138 (Covermax)

Part No.
Sling Width
Approx. Width
Approx. WWt.
CRNMX02 1 & 2 4 1
CRNMX03 3 5 1.25
CRNMX04 4 6 1.5
CRNMX05 5 8 2
CRNMX06 6 8 2
CRNMX08 8 10 2.5
CRNMX10 10 12 3

CornerMax™ Sleeves with Dyneema® Fiber

The CornerMax™ Sleeve is the latest in rigging solutions from SLINGMAX® Solutions. The CornerMax™ Sleeve is the ideal solution to protect synthetic slings from cutting when it is not practical to use a CornerMax™ Pad, whether due to curvature of the load edge or repetitive uses such as unloading steel coils. Independent field and laboratory testing has shown the CornerMax™ Sleeve to be extremely cut resistant. The CornerMax™ Sleeve is made with Dyneema® Fiber and is proven tough. To prevent sliding, the 6” wide CornerMax™ Sleeve has been sewn down the middle (5”) on each end of the Twin- Path® Extra Sling (pictured). The true benefits of this revolutionary material far outweigh the costs and now provide for the use of synthetic slings in applications previously dominated by heavy chain, mesh and wire rope slings.

Abrasion and Cut Protection

Damage to synthetic slings from abrasion or cutting can be prevented if proper protection is provided on the job site. Common materials used to protect the sling from abrasion damage do not provide adequate protection from cutting. If a sling is exposed to an edge under pressure cutting may occur unless a proven method of protection is provided.

Testing has shown that nylon, polyester, rubber, aramid, and other commonly used pads may not keep synthetic slings from cutting when the sling is loaded to its rated capacity. These commonly used protective materials are great for preventing abrasion damage but when subjected to an edge they as susceptible to cutting.

The CornerMax® Pad was invented to provide cut protection to all types of synthetic slings. Testing to 100,000 lbs. with a 4” wide sling has proven the adequacy of this design for preventing sling damage. This device is made to protect slings from edge damage when lifting steel or concrete beams and other objects that would ordinarily harm synthetic slings.

The CornerMax® Pad is attached with straps made with hook & loop tape for easy adjustment. Weight is kept to a minimum because the pads are made from 100% synthetic materials.

If safety is an important consideration on your job site, CornerMax® Pads should be in every riggers tool box.


Damaged or misused protection can result in damage or sling failure. Inspect before each use. Inspect for cuts, tears or damage that may prevent protection of the sling. Ensure protection is the correct size and type to protect the sling. Prevent pads and sling from slipping or sliding across load edge. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use, maintenance and/or inspection.

MAXIMUM LOADING: Do NOT exceed 25,000 lbs per inch of sling width.


Synthetic Armor Pads protect slings from abrasion damage which can be caused by contact with rough surfaces such as concrete beams and structures. They are also used to protect finished or painted loads from marring. These wear pads can be made to fit any length or width sling. They can also be made in long lengths which the customer can cut into suitable sizes on the job. Double or triple thickness provides resistance for the more severe conditions. There is no maximum width and a variety of materials are used to protect slings and to protect loads.

SYNARM-SL is a sliding wear pad with sewn seams along both edges. These can be equipped with handles to provide easy mobility around the sling body.

SYNARM-RM is a removable wear pad with a sewn seam on one edge and a hook-and-loop fastener along the other edge.

SYNARM-EE is a wear pad that fits over both legs of an endless sling to enable it to be used like an eye-and-eye sling.

Abrasion Protection Pad

DO NOT USE this Pad to protect sling from cutting on load edges, corners or protrusions. This Pad WILL NOT adequately prevent damage or failure of sling if used for cut protection. Only Pads which are tested and rated for cut protection are to be used to protect sling from cutting. DEATH or INJURY can occur from improper use or maintenance. Sling users shall be trained.